Alex Does It Again!

Alex continues to do amazing things. A-rod hit a three-run two-out homer to help the Bombers comback from a four-run deficit in the ninth inning, helping the team win 8-6 over the Indians.

A happy Alex raised his hands in victory as he rounded the bases and was mobbed at homeplate by a waiting happy Yankee team.

Way to go Alex! You are definately on fire! Bring on the RED SOX!



Mike Mussina and now Carl Pavano are being put on the 15 day disable list. What in the world is going on here!?

Will a phone call to Roger not be too far behind? (If his phone isn’t ringing already!)

First week over

After a long cold week up in the Bronx, the Yankees ended their first week of baseball 2-3. Other than the performance of Alex Rodriguez, it wasn’t the best of an opening week of the Bronx Bombers.

The stating pitching this week hasn’t been the best. None of the Yankee starting pitchers have yet to reach the sixth inning. I believe only Igawa has made it to the fifth.

This is the line on the starters for the first week:

                        IP    H    R    ER    BB    K

Pavano           4 1/3  6     5    4      2      2

Pettite           4        6     4    2      3      2

Mussina           4        8     6    6      3      4

Igawa             5        8     7    7      3      2

Rasner            4 1/3  8     5    5      2       2

Totals           21 2/3   36   27  24    13     12

The relievers have done well this week, but have been overworked this week as well, and in the long run this will not be good. Hopefully with Pavano taking the mound for the second time tonight against the Twins as the Yankees begin their first road trip of the season, things wil begin to turn around.

My Yankee for the week? Has to be Alex Rodriguez without a doubt. A-Rod, for his first week is batting .381. He went 8-21 on the homestand, had 8 runs, 11 RBI, and 4 homeruns. Way to to go Alex, keep up the good work!

A Yankee Sour NoteHideki Matsui goes on the disabled list with a sore left hamstring. Outfielder Kevin Thompson is called up to take his place on the rotation.

GOOD NEWS!Looks like Damon is ready to return to the line up and not a moment too soon. Seems like Melky Cabrera will get some more playing time however and move into left field while Matusi is out.

What a Shame…….

What a shame yesterday’s game was canceled due to rain. I was so looking forward to seeing Andy Petitte pitch in his return to Yankee Stadium. Good lucky Andy-I wish I could catch the game, but I will working tonight and  so I will have to catch it on the encore in the morning.

Seems like Damon’s so called ‘cramps’ maybe be more serious than was led to believe. Hopefully he feel better soon and be back out there in a couple of days. Damon has never been on the disabled list in his entire career. I am sure that the New York Yankees are hoping that will not become the case here. At least we have Melky Cabrera to take over until Damon is ready to return.

MLB NOTE-Bonds blasts No. 735-Barry Bonds last night hit his first home run of the season, hitting number 735. The homer pulled Bonds closer to breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record of 755. Bonds only needs 21 to pass Aaron for the home run record.

Yanks 9, Devil Rays 5

Game 1-Opening Day. At Yankee Stadium. Always a great and exciting time, knowing that after a long winter, it is time for baseball once again.

Today started the beginning of the 2007 New York Yankees quest toward Championship number 27. Although in the beginning, it wasn’t the most spectacular of games, (a couple of errors and some unearned runs became some of the low points in the game) the Yankees pulled it out and won their 10th straight home opener on what would become an emotional opening day.

After the introductions and a moment of silence for former Yankee Hank Bauer and former Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who both passed away recently,the afternoon started with a tribute to Cory Lidle, who was killed in a plane crash a few days after the Yankees lost to Detroit last fall in the Division Series. Giambi, who had known Lidle since high school, took part in the tribute by escorting Lidle’s widow and young son to the mound so that they could throw ceremonial first pitches. In honor of Lidle, the team will be wearing black armbands on their jerseys this year, and it has been said that the locker he used last year will remain unoccupied for this season.

Another emotional moment came with the return of Bobby Murcer to Yankee Stadium. How great was it to see him? And doesn’t he look great too? The fans and the Yankees themselves gave him a standing ovation which was great to see. And it was great to hear the Murcer will be back in broadcasting booth real soon.

Pavano didn’t look bad, considering he hadn’t pitched a major league game since June of 2005. He started the game good and looked pretty confident on the mound. We still need to see him out there a couple of more times to see how he’ll do, but so far okay. He didn’t get the win, but it’s a start, and as long as he stays healthy, hopefully things will only get better.

There were three Yankees that came up with key hits to help win this game. Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi, and Alex Rodriguez.

With the Yankees losing 5-3, Jeter had a two-run single with bases loaded to tie the game 5-5 in the bottom of the sixth inning. Giambi singled in the go ahead run in the seventh, (after Alex got on base and stole second) and Alex who got a few boos in the beginning of the game due to a foul-pop up that go away from him, and a strike out on his first at bat, turned to cheers and a standing ovation after hitting his first home run of the season in the bottom of the eighth.

Also notable mention-Jorge Posada hit his first home run of the season in the bottom of the fourth.

Wednesday is sure to be another emotional game-the return of Yankee favorite, Andy Pettite to the mound after being away from pinstripes for three years.

We’re Almost There

Well, here we are, less than 24 hours away from another baseball season and from what is sure to be another exciting (and never dull) Yankee season. The Boys of Summer are back and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!

One of the number one issues of the day as we all know by now is that Carl Pavano will be the opening day pitcher. No, this not an April Fool’s joke-it’s true. Carl Pavano? Really? Wow, who would of thought.

Now I know there are probably people out there who are saying Carl Pavano? No, no, no, no, no. And as much as it would have been nice to have had Chien-Ming Wang out there tomorrow, (or Andy Pettite) does it really matter who is going out there tomorrow or when Pavano pitches? He’s in the starting rotation at this point regardless, and he is going to pitch for us, so does it really matter if he pitches tomorrow or a few days from now?

The bottom line is we need him. We need to be healthy, stay healthy and we need him to pitch. I’m not a huge Pavano fan, but I’ll be rooting and hoping for the best, just as I’m sure most Yankee fans will be doing as well. If Pavano goes out there and pitches a good game-not looking for him to pitch a GREAT game, just a good game, and hopefully the rest of the team will do what they have to do-it would without a doubt be a step in right direction for Pavano. And maybe be the beginning of putting all this negative stuff about him behind him. Of course if he loses, it just might be the first of many boos he might receive throughout the year.

If he does lose tomorrow, I will not be so quick to judge him, although everyone wants to win on Opening Day, especially if it’s in one’s own ball park in front of their fans. And I’m sure Pavano wants to win this. And Opening Day at Yankee Stadium is always special. So for now I will not pass judgement and opinions until after I’ve seen him pitch a couple of games. Until then, good luck Carl-go out there and get ’em.

As for the rest of the team, I am looking forward to another great Yankee season. My prediction is that the Yankees are going win about 97 games and win the East once again.