First week over

After a long cold week up in the Bronx, the Yankees ended their first week of baseball 2-3. Other than the performance of Alex Rodriguez, it wasn’t the best of an opening week of the Bronx Bombers.

The stating pitching this week hasn’t been the best. None of the Yankee starting pitchers have yet to reach the sixth inning. I believe only Igawa has made it to the fifth.

This is the line on the starters for the first week:

                        IP    H    R    ER    BB    K

Pavano           4 1/3  6     5    4      2      2

Pettite           4        6     4    2      3      2

Mussina           4        8     6    6      3      4

Igawa             5        8     7    7      3      2

Rasner            4 1/3  8     5    5      2       2

Totals           21 2/3   36   27  24    13     12

The relievers have done well this week, but have been overworked this week as well, and in the long run this will not be good. Hopefully with Pavano taking the mound for the second time tonight against the Twins as the Yankees begin their first road trip of the season, things wil begin to turn around.

My Yankee for the week? Has to be Alex Rodriguez without a doubt. A-Rod, for his first week is batting .381. He went 8-21 on the homestand, had 8 runs, 11 RBI, and 4 homeruns. Way to to go Alex, keep up the good work!

A Yankee Sour NoteHideki Matsui goes on the disabled list with a sore left hamstring. Outfielder Kevin Thompson is called up to take his place on the rotation.

GOOD NEWS!Looks like Damon is ready to return to the line up and not a moment too soon. Seems like Melky Cabrera will get some more playing time however and move into left field while Matusi is out.


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